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  • Software Migration

    Software Migration

    Reverse Reengineering, Code re-structuring, Migration to client-server applications, Re-documentation, Platform transitions, Language conversion, Data re-modeling, Data Control and Migration, Reporting etc.

Software Migration

Our software migration and reengineering involves the activities of studying your existing and in-efficient software application and its architecture. We propose an approach that modularized software architecture to reduce the complexity and add efficiency to the application.

The various activity involves during software migration and re-engineering are,

• Reverse Reengineering
• Code re-structuring
• Migration to client/server and web
• Re-documentation
• Platform transitions
• Language conversion
• Data re-modeling
• Data Control and Migration
• Reporting

We migrate solutions with the newer technologies and devices, any change in infrastructure such as hardware, optimization, relocation or migration of existing data. Our teams come with immense expertise in the latest technologies, as well as previously used popular technologies. This allows us to deploy highly secure and risk free re-engineering solutions for critical systems and applications.

Our Software Migration Application Process:

The brand new migration process is behind the success of all our application software migration. Our common code strategy enables source code to be maintained in a single code, which can be used for both new and existing development platforms.

1. Detailed Analysis and Evaluation:
To begin with, our clients are required to fill in the technical survey questionnaire. This furnishes exact details about your requirements and helps us to assign your project to the right technicians. Our Software Migration Tools help in completing posting analysis as well as software inventory analysis.

2. Project Planning:
After analyzing and evaluating the application requirements, the next step is to develop an application migration proposal and project plan.

3. Project Implementation:
Once you are satisfied with the project plan, the next step is to implement the project. The experts in our team are capable of resolving all the application software migration problems. Our Daily Reporting scheme can help you to obtain current details about the project .

4. Unit & Migration Testing:
Unit Testing & Migration Testing is conducted to double evaluate the validity of the ported code and migration application we develop. We give our customers opportunity to suggest a series of tests to be conducted before we deliver our application migration services.

5. Integration Testing:
Integration test places emphasis on the performance. Next is the functional test based on the platform specific differences.

6. Customer Acceptance Testing:
The customers can test the application by themselves and it includes system stress test as well as the production verification test.

7. Technical Testing:
We also assist in full technical transfer and ensure that your programmers understand all that we have modified in the code and all the new software technologies and system utilities we have developed. This enables your engineers to do all the system maintenance for the application in future.

8. Migration Support:
We offer application software migration support at different levels.