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  • Database Solutions

    Database Solutions

    Layout Tools, Find Tools, Reporting Tools, Scripting Tools, Administrator and Management Tools Importing Tools etc.

Critical corporate data is stored in databases, and this data is growing at ever increasing rates. Stakeholders including customers, partners, auditors and regulators are demanding more accountability of the data stored in these databases. Hence we provide wide range of database solutions that are an integral part of several successful businesses which benefit from our technology.

We can organize any type of information, including:

• People, like your customers, employees, students, homeowners' association, or hiking club.
• Projects like staff assessment, introducing a new product, remodeling your office, or maintaining your car.
• Assets, like inventory or your wine collection.
• Images like product photos, scanned drawings or videos.
• 360 degrees database application development that covers all database applications such as –
     MS Access, MySQL and MSSQL server

• Expertise over numerous and varied software programs to ensure the very best of database management system

Easy database management systems let you create a database from existing information by using an import database tool. Many other database tools are available. A database management system that comes with the basic database tools will be ready to use, right out of the box, and help you start managing information in minutes.

Here are some of the more database tools that we create:

Layout Tools:
Layout Tools This is the database tool to create a user interface. Easy databases let you create a form with a few clicks and just draw the fields wherever you want them.
Find Tools:
Find Tools The Find database tool lets you search for records that match your criteria, such as all customers in Delhi and Mumbai who have not placed an order in three months, or products with fewer than 12 items in inventory.
Reporting Tools:
Reporting Tools Easy databases have a built-in database tool for reporting that you can use to sort your data in different ways. Most reporting database tools give you the choice to view your data on screen or print reports. Easy databases let you create PDF files that you can share with others.
Scripting Tools:
Scripting Tools This powerful database tool is similar to a Macro in a word processing or spreadsheet program. You can record a series of steps, and then just indicate which action, like a click in a certain place, will trigger the steps.
Administration and Management Tools:  
Administration Tools This database tool lets you see usernames and passwords to grant privileges for sharing the database management system.
Importing Tools:  
Importing Tools Easy database management systems let you create a database from existing information by using an import database tool.

Benefits of database applications:

• The amount of data redundancy is minimized
• Data is made available to authorized persons across departments, quickly
• Quick and convenient assimilation, collaboration and corroboration of data
• Improved security of the database
• Customized applications for satisfying specific database needs and requirements
• Flexibility in database management
• Makes decision simpler and more effective